Outdoor Education Multi-Day School Tours

Pedals and Paddles has been providing an economical solution for school groups to come experience outdoor education at Sechelt Inlet’s Marine Parks since 1991. Organisers can call to book kayaks and/or guides.

Sechelt Inlet is easily accessible from Vancouver being just an hour and a half from Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal! The Inlet is much more protected than the Strait of Georgia, which makes it a great place for school groups to head out on.

We love to be able to get school groups out on the water for a fun and very interactive learning experience, so we offer 50% off our rental price. Taking kids out into nature and camping along one of the 9 marine campsites along the Inlet is such a great way for them to learn. Being fully immersed in nature can change their perspective and help them understand why it’s so important to take care of what we have.

All 9 marine campsites are looked after by BC parks and have outhouses, bear cashes, water sources and cleared tent spots.

Getting the Kids Here

Most schools get the kids dropped off at the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal. Be sure to check check the ferry schedules, taking care to choose the correct date of travel and direction of travel.

For transportation from the ferry terminal to Pedals and Paddles and back, call Randy Gould of Sechelt School Bus Service @ 604-885-1260 or email secheltschoolbus@telus.net.

Pedals and Paddles can assist with making sure there are guides available for your trip too! Our guides are certified through the Sea Kayak Guide Alliance of British Columbia, have first aid training, will carry a VHF radio, and have a current criminal record check.

If a rescue is needed, Pedals and Paddles keeps a zodiac on site for a fast rescue as well as the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue Station 12 team who is fully trained and ready to be dispatched if needed. 


Pedals and Paddles take safety as our number one priority! We can proudly say that we have had no accidents since we opened in 1991. Although we do retain $5 million dollar liability insurance. Click here for our parental consent form. 

Every paddler 18 years old and over must sign a waiver prior to paddling. Participants under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a Parental Consent form.