Pedals and Paddles

Who Says It Has to Be Summer?

Kayaker paddles past Bald Eagle
Kayaker paddles past Bald Eagle in the Sechelt Inlet

Just because it is not 20 degrees and sunny doesn’t mean you cannot have a great paddling adventure! Winter is the time for waterfowl viewing. The conditions that attract waterfowl for the winter are the same ones that make off-season paddling so pleasant and exciting. A crystal clear morning with the winter sun reflecting obtusely off of dead calm waters can change in a blink of an eye to localized gusts and a black thunder cloud marching down the Inlet, dumping its contents on anything in its path. But if you come prepared with waterproof clothing as a back-up, this is a great way to break the winter doldrums.

If you need dry kindling to ensure a warm, cheery campfire to cook a gourmet picnic lunch, just ask the people at Pedals and Paddles! They will be ore than happy to provide you with any creature comforts needed to ensure a great time. We certainly did!