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Come visit us at our waterfront location in Tuwanek!
Recreational kayaks are a great choice for beginners, or groups paddling with children. Our recreational kayaks are very stable and easy to jump in and go for an hour or two exploring the bays and Islets around Lamb Bay.

Comes with PFD and whistle, throw rope, paddle and laminated map.

Please review our list of items to bring along.

Duration Single PlasticKayak Double Plastic Kayak
1 Hour $25 $35
2 Hour $30 $50
3 Hour $35 $65
4 Hour $40 $80
6 Hour $50 $95
8 Hour $60 $110
24 Hour* $75 $125
2 Day $100 $160
Additional Day $30 $40

* 24 Hour Starts 9:00 AM – 9:00 AM OR 5:00 PM – 5:00 PM

** Prices do not include $5% GST or 7% PST.

Policies and Cancelation Policy found here

Please Note: All overnight rentals are counted as “Calendar Days”, where the booking is based on how many days the equipment is rented out. Our 24 hour rentals are for paddlers who depart at the end of the day (5:00 PM) or return at the beginning of the day (9:00 AM), as these rental do not affect our ability to utilise the equipment again that day. For more info call or email us for clarification!