Pedals and Paddles

Paddling Sechelt Inlet

From the moment you leave the beach at Pedals and Paddles, you will see why numerous groups of all ages frequent this area. Being a sheltered fjord, Sechelt inlet is very often the calmest place around to explore pristine wilderness. Within two-hour paddle of our launch beach there are three beautiful campsites with creeks that run to them most of the year and additional campsites a further paddle away for the bolder travellers.


Beginning your adventure, you will glide past the Lamb islets, which not only offer more shelter but also a plethora of wildlife to admire including seals, bald eagles, sea stars, and various aquatic bird species. The staff at Pedals and Paddles will assist you in preparing for your journey with all the safety equipment you need for a couple hour paddle or overnight trips to any one of the numerous campsites (see our “camping’ page on the website for more info).

If you are feeling shy or nervous you can also allow one of our guides to bring you out so you can gain confidence on the water and learn more about the area and paddling techniques Pedals and Paddles has been guiding school groups through the inlet for decades. Priding itself in safe, fun, informative, and confidence building trips. This experience also allows us to accommodate families on their first excursions into the wilderness and provide them with an ocean environment that is more predictable and safe than the majority of other locations around the Coast.

We very often have subsequent generations of paddlers coming back because of their experiences as children becoming comfortable and confident in the outdoors within the inlet. It brings us joy to hear that their first experiences here have allowed them to integrate nature into their lives and experience the benefit that the wild has had on their view of the world and physical/spiritual health. Some of them have even moved on to become guides and continue the tradition of helping others improve their lives through the beauty of nature time!

This also the case with adults who may have had some reservations about paddling or being outside and have decided to include us in their retirement goals or personal experience challenges. Whether you are interested in wildlife, improving your health, learning more about survival, or just want a peaceful place to sit and be quiet, Sechelt Inlet can provide, and we are happy to facilitate your experience!