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Don’t Be Selfish with Your Shellfish

Shell Fish
Shell Fish

Gourmet dining is just one of the many attractions that bring explorers and adventurers back to this easily accessible wilderness. At low tide, clams, mussels, and oysters abound. There is no real trick to harvesting these tasty morsels. The only rule-of thumb is to take only what you can eat, and if you take too many, share them.

Preparation is simple and well suited for camp cooking – and the results are always divine! For oysters, the easiest method is to place them on a rack over hot coals. When they open, they are done. Clams can either be shucked and mixed with a vegetable chowder and heated over an open fire, or steamed with a water, white wine, and garlic broth until they open; eat them right out of the shell.

Mussels are not as appreciated here as in other parts of the world – but they are delicious! The best recipe for steamed mussels I have ever tasted goes something like this: boil a mixture of 3/4 white wine, 1/4 water, lots of garlic and a clump of parsley, and then steam mussels over this boiling mixture until they open. Eat them right out of the half-shell. You won’t believe your taste buds!