Pedals and Paddles

City Life to Wilderness in Two Hours

Sechelt Inlet Reflection
Sechelt Inlet Reflection

You don’t have to wait for summer to enjoy the beauty of Sechelt Inlet; and you don’t have to just paddle if you visit Pedals & Paddles in any season. Sechelt Inlet, and the surrounding mountain ranges are the best kept secret in south-western British Columbia. As it is only two hours away from downtown Vancouver, families like ours who normally come in the summer of paddling, swimming and camping, can easily catch the 7:20 am ferry from Horseshoe Bay and be on top of a beautiful mountain range or out on a secluded wilderness beach way before lunchtime, any time of the year.

Did you know that the new Tetrahedren Provincial Park encompasses a network of trails leading to 5 log cabins, situated on lake shores and mountain peaks? It is perfect for back-country skiing or snow-shoeing in the winter, with excellent areas for family tobogganing and picnicking; and some of the best back-country hiking, camping, and fishing to be found anywhere, from spring through fall.

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