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Hiya! and welcome  Join us for out 32st year, as we continue to offer unparalleled customer service (check our Trip Advisor and Google reviews), with the highest quality equipment, in arguably the most scenic and safest Inlet in BC! Our 32 year safety record also speaks for itself.

We offer rentals of kayaks, canoes and paddle boards as well as guided kayak tours.

We are located at the end of the road, the gateway to Sechelt Inlet and 9 (free camping) Marine Parks. You will enjoy spectacular BC scenery as well as witness lots of wildlife including seals, eagles, sea stars, and for the lucky, Orcas and dolphins.

We welcome everyone, from beginners to experienced paddlers, and bring your kids and dogs too!

Kayak Rentals

Kayak Rentals

We have kayaks for everyone! Our fleet consists of fiberglass touring kayaks with rudders and plastic recreational kayaks, perfect for beginners and those just wanting up to a few hours on the water.

Canoe Rentals

Canoe Rentals

Wherever there is water, there is an indigenous watercraft. Canoes can range from 9 feet to over 100 feet! Here at Pedals & Paddles, we stock 17 foot canoes, ideal for 2 or 3 passengers.

Paddle Board Rentals

Paddle Board Rentals

Paddle Boarding is a safe, easy to learn, relaxing activity. We’ll set you up with instruction to enjoy an hour or two paddling in our protected bay and around the Lamb Islets.

Day Tours

Day Tours

Are you a new paddler or simply looking to learn about the Sechelt Inlet? Join in on one of our 2 hour kayak tours and get all the interesting information in one trip! Our friendly guides have lots of experience...

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Current Hours September to May

Our last day of rentals for 2023 will be September 24th.

Thank you to all our amazing customers, we had a wonderful 32nd season! See you in April 2024.


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